The Foundation supports a number of projects related to youth mental health. Below are some research publications, evaluations and other informative documents from these initiatives.

ACCESS Open Minds

ACCESS Open Minds published a special supplement in the journal Early Intervention in Psychiatry. The issue includes seven articles describing how ACCESS OM has transformed mental health services at individual sites as well as commentary from the Indigenous, Youth, and Family and Carers Councils. Read the supplement.

Citation: Malla et al (2019). Special Issue: ACCESS Open Minds: Transforming Youth Mental Health Services Across Canada. Early Intervention in Psychiatry, 13(S1) 1-80.

Other publications from ACCESS Open Minds:

  • Iyer et al (2019). A minimum evaluation protocol and stepped-wedge cluster randomized trial of ACCESS Open Minds, a large Canadian youth mental health services transformation project. BMC Psychiatry, 19(273) Read more
  • Malla et al (2018). Canadian response to need for transformation of youth mental health services: ACCESS Open Minds (Esprits ouverts). Early Intervention in Psychiatry, 12(3) 697-706 Read more

Salmon, Fernando & Berger (2018). Developmental Evaluation of Foundry’s Proof of Concept. Read more


Henderson et al (2017). Integrated collaborative care teams to enhance service delivery to youth with mental health and substance use challenges: protocol for a pragmatic randomised controlled trial. BMJ Open, 7(2) e014080 Read more

New Brunswick Integrated Service Delivery

Morrison & Peterson (2017). Story of Transformation in Youth Mental Health in the Province of New Brunswick. Province of New Brunswick. Read more