Graham Boeckh Foundation

We are transforming mental healthcare in his name

About Us

The Graham Boeckh Foundation is a private foundation named in honour of Graham Boeckh who died from complications related to schizophrenia in 1986. We created the Foundation to change the mental healthcare system, help save lives and improve outcomes for Canadian families.

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What We Do

Transforming Mental Healthcare

We collaborate with governments and other philanthropic foundations to catalyze change and galvanize a national movement for Integrated Youth Services (IYS). These initiatives help young people access the care and treatment they need and want.

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What We Do

Fostering Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

We believe that working together is the best way to change outcomes for patients and families. As such, we support projects that focus on partnerships between funders and stakeholders, and share their lessons learned nationally and globally.

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How We Work

Lessons Learned

By investing in innovation and collaboration across disciplines and organizations, we have gained many insights into how philanthropy can impact people and systems.

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The Graham Boeckh Foundation is a funding organization and is not in a position to dispense or offer clinical advice of any kind. Please contact your family physician or go to the hospital’s emergency ward if you are concerned about any aspect of your or someone else’s mental or physical health. GBF accepts requests for funding proposals by invitation only. The Foundation’s philosophy is to strategically lead and fund projects that will have a transformative impact on the communities we are serving.