November 7 2015

Ian Boeckh, President of GBF,  was interviewed by the Philanthropic Foundation of Canada for their October 2015 issue of Profiles in Philanthropy, discussing our approach in a public policy context.

Youth Mental Health: We Have to Work Together for Change

Ian Boeckh says that you need to have a collaborative mindset. “It’s a different kind of philanthropy from giving a lot of money to a hospital and having your name on a wing. It’s a lot more work. The agenda is not just what you want as a philanthropist; it’s what does society need?” Boeckh believes they have a pretty good shot but that it’s all about persistence. “It’s up to society to roll up its sleeve and give the message out there that mental health should be one of our highest priority issues. We need to really turn up the volume on this.”

Link to document: Profiles in Philanthropy, October 2015

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