BC-IYSI – Branded “Foundry” – launches Foundry Kelowna (Dec 2016). In the Spring of 2016, five communities across British Columbia—Abbotsford, North Vancouver, Kelowna, Campbell River and Prince George—were selected to develop a one-stop shop for youth to access primary care, mental health care, addictions support and social services.  All sites are now in development […]

In close collaboration with ACCESS Open Minds, GBF began working with policy makers and community service providers in selected provinces in 2014 to develop provincial systems of care for youth from 12-25 years of age that focus on prevention and early intervention.   Inspired by the Australian headspace model and the Irish Jigsaw programme, the goal […]

The value of reporting valid and reliable performance indicators for Canadian mental health services has been widely acknowledged. Health indicators support health authorities and facilities as they monitor the health of their populations and track how well their health systems function. Relevant, accurate and timely performance information is critical for improving performance of health systems. In September 2015, GBF  initiated a […]

The ACCESS Open Minds network is a pan-Canadian initiative to show how youth mental health services can be transformed. It is a joint venture of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Graham Boeckh Foundation. Each partner is contributing $12.5 million over the five year life of the project.

The Sandbox youth mental health project aims to test a comprehensive set of electronic tools for managing mental illness. More specifically, the tools aim to improve care in a number of ways, including: facilitate self-management and rich communication with health care providers, family and friends, improve the quality of consumer-practitioner interactions and increase provider productivity.

Each year the Graham Boeckh Foundation awards $25,000 to one researcher in the area of psychiatry who is making an outstanding contribution in the field. GBF established the Dr. Samarthji Lal award for mental health research in 2010 in honour of the late Dr. Lal, a distinguished psychiatrist and researcher.