March 31 2016

BC Integrated Youth Services – Now Branded “Foundry”.

In the Spring of 2016, five communities across British Columbia—Abbotsford, North Vancouver, Kelowna, Campbell River and Prince George—were selected to develop a one-stop shop for youth to access primary care, mental health care, addictions support and social services.  All sites are now in development and on track to open in the Spring of 2017.

One of the innovations of this project is the creation of a positive brand for the integrated services hubs that will be highly visible in the community and will clarify where youth and families can receive rapid access to care. The hope is that the brand will encourage early help-seeking by creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

The five community sites participated in a process to develop the brand, a process which included a broad range of stakeholders including service providers, funders, family representatives and especially youth. The process was informed by clearly identifying the values and philosophy of the service, “youth and family-centred, collaborative and empowering; services that are timely, accessible, developmentally appropriate, socially inclusive and equitable, and culturally sensitive, congruent, and safe.”

The outcome is a name and a brand story, as well as a design for the service that will inform the architecture of the sites.

“With Foundry, young people and their families can find help, hope, and support. It is where young people can forge new connections, abilities, and pathways. Foundry is a foundation for health and wellness.”

The project has generated a great deal of interest from the philanthropic community in BC  where GBF is continuing to expand its partnerships.  These now include the North Foundation, Conconi Foundation, St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation, Innerchange Foundation and the Royal Bank of Canada, among others.

At the December 2016 announcement for Foundry Kelowna, BC Premier Christy Clark said, “Asking for help is hard, but getting it shouldn’t be. By launching this centre we’re making it as easy as possible for youth and families to take charge of their health by providing a variety of services through an integrated and personal approach.” Read more at

Premier Christy Clark announces Foundry Kelowna.

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At GBF, a core element of our strategy is to develop IYS across the country, acting as a catalyst and partnering with governments and foundations.